Pumpin Pals Reviews – Pump Or Dump?

pumpin pals reviews

Have you heard of the Pumpin Pals breast flanges? I decided to purchase a set after hearing a group of moms rave about them. Personally, I do not think they are for me, but like I said I know a bunch of moms that love them. If you are curious to learn more about them keep reading the pumping pals reviews to find out if they might be for you.

My overall rating would be 6 out of 10.

About the Product

These flanges have a unique angled design that is supposed to be more comfortable than the traditional flanges. The ring that connects the tunnel portion and the funnel portion of the flange is tapered off gradually unlike the traditional flange, creating less restriction on the nipple.

The smaller flanges are made of BPA free silicone and the larger ones are made from a medical grade

Here is an example of how they fit into a single piece flange or a double piece flange and the different ways you can rotate them. The pink is the silicone and the green is the hard plastic.

polypropylene, which is the same material as the traditional breast flanges.

As you can see from the picture, the funnel portion of the flange is wider on one side. They can be rotated so that the smaller side is on top or on bottom depending on the positioning of you are breast and comfort level. You can experiment with the positioning until you find something that works for you.

The big claims are that this particular flange reduces restriction and irritation on the nipples and milk ducts, which will help improve milk flow, and reduce clogs and the risk of mastitis. And has a more ergonomic design allowing the user to sit back in a more comfortable position.

When you purchase these flanges they come with 3 different sizes so that you can figure out which one works best for you. There are also three options to choose from when purchasing the pumping pals. You can pick the large, medium or small sets.

The flanges will fit directly into you are regular flange if they are the hard plastic ones, if they are the smaller silicone flanges the set will come with an adapter to place into you are regular flange and then the silicone flange will fit into that. They will work with Medela, Lansinoh, or Hygeia pumps. In order to use the Pumpin Pals with a Spectra pump, you will need to purchase a special adapter.


  • The extra small Pumpin Pal flange is compatible with traditional breast flange sizes between 15 mm and 19 mm
  • The small Pumpin Pal Flange is compatible with the traditional flange sizes between 20 mm and 23 mm
  • Medium is compatible with sizes 24 mm- 27 mm
  • Large is compatible with sizes 26 mm – 30 mm
  • Extra large is compatible with sizes 30 mm – 40 mm

  • The small set comes with an extra small Pumpin Pal flange, a small Pumpin Pal flange, and a medium Pumpin Pal flange
  • The medium set comes with a small, medium and a large Pumpin Pal flange
  • The large set comes with a medium, large and extra large Pumpin Pal flange.


The small set is the most expensive and costs about $44.95. The medium is $42.95. The large is $34.95.


  • no risk money back guarantee
  • comes with multiple sized flanges
  • ergonomic design to improve flow and comfort
  • fits many pumps
  • responsible price
  • the pieces are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe


  • I did not find them comfortable (many others disagree)
  • They make pumping awkward because of the additional weight
  • I had some problems with leaking
  • I could not sit the bottle down on the table with the flange attached after my pumping session like normal, because the bottle tipped over due to the extra weight.
  • I thought it made it more difficult to fit in my “hands free bra”

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give the Pumpin Pals a rating of 6 out of 10, mostly because they did not work for me, they made my pumping sessions awkward, and I had problems with leaking and spilling milk. They do have some great qualities and features though, and I know they work great for many other mamas! I just find that my traditional flanges work better for me.

If you are having trouble with you are flanges or you find them uncomfortable, there is no harm in trying these out, especially with the no risk money back guarantee.

If you want to try the Pumpin Pals flanges out click one of the following links:

Small set

Medium set

Large set

As always, thanks for reading, and leave you are comments in the comments section!




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